COVID-19 has seem­ing­ly thrown the world into “chaos”, tak­ing away much of the safe­ness and cer­tain­ty that had been tak­en for grant­ed. When maneu­ver­ing in chaos, in order to not lose one’s head, it helps to firm­ly keep in mind the log­ic of chaos.
Intelligent if uncon­ven­tion­al meth­ods employed by researchers have like­ly enabled a more real­is­tic view on the actu­al infec­tion rate and the relat­ed ques­tions of when herd immu­ni­ty will be achieved and what the real­is­tic death rate of COVID-19 actu­al­ly is. Understanding the true dynam­ics of the pan­dem­ic is cru­cial to tak­ing the most ade­quate pol­i­cy deci­sions going for­ward.
In this arti­cle, we sug­gest what we con­sid­er, in large part poten­tial­ly instead of dras­tic quar­an­tine for basi­cal­ly every­one, to be the most log­i­cal and most promis­ing approach to sur­viv­ing the Coronavirus pan­dem­ic, both on an indi­vid­ual and on a sys­temic lev­el. We draw con­clu­sions from infor­ma­tion uncov­ered and dis­cussed by the med­ical sci­en­tif­ic com­mu­ni­ty and by med­ical prac­ti­tion­ers, and give prac­ti­cal instruc­tions on what to do.
At loico, we had planned to launch our oper­a­tion with a rel­a­tive­ly com­pre­hen­sive suite of arti­cles, often fair­ly ambi­tious, on which we are work­ing con­cur­rent­ly. Due to the esca­lat­ing Coronavirus cri­sis, we feel forced to aban­don this roadmap and to imme­di­ate­ly start con­tribut­ing what we can to the ame­lio­ra­tion of the sit­u­a­tion and its even­tu­al res­o­lu­tion.