What is logic?

Actually: you.

Not just you, but you all the same. Something quite easy to con­ceive, actually.

We’ll get there step by step. From sim­ple to com­plex. Where com­plex remains per­fect­ly sim­ple – if you just keep the steps in mind.

Let’s start with and from the con­cept of “for­mal” log­ic that most peo­ple will be famil­iar with. We gen­er­al­ly expect to be noto­ri­ous for refrain­ing from repeat­ing anoth­er time what is – or can be – known from oth­er sources, instead restrict­ing our­selves to adding log­i­cal val­ue to con­cepts that may seem “known” but are actu­al­ly not yet (ful­ly) understood.

So. “Formal” log­ic. Can you find, can you “dis­cov­er” it some­where “out­side”? In the gar­den, on the street, in the moun­tains, in one – or that oth­er – shin­ing sea? No. “Formal” log­ic is a prod­uct of human thought. You are human, able to think, so “for­mal” log­ic is your prod­uct. If we want to get a grasp on an imma­te­r­i­al prod­uct such as “for­mal” log­ic, we need to get a grasp on its producer.

To com­pre­hend “for­mal” log­ic at its very root, at the pro­duc­er lev­el, we need to observe what we as its pro­duc­ers are and do. So let us watch our­selves. When I think “I”, what hap­pens? I dou­ble as both the sub­ject and the object of my thought. I dis­tin­guish myself from myself – all the while remain­ing one obvi­ous­ly. So I am actu­al­ly two and one in one, the iden­ti­ty of iden­ti­ty and non-iden­ti­ty. I am a con­tained con­tra­dic­tion. So are you, as you, too, are an “I”.

Now think of the “A = A” in for­mal log­ic. What do you see? If you are inclined to answer: “iden­ti­ty”, look again. There are two “A”s in the equa­tion. They are meant to sig­ni­fy iden­ti­ty, but that is not the entire­ty of what is actu­al­ly stat­ed. It is not pos­si­ble to ever express what peo­ple imag­ine they are express­ing in a giv­en state­ment unless they express­ly state a con­tra­dic­tion. An express­ly stat­ed con­tra­dic­tion con­tains both oppo­sites that are always present in every “thing” that is true.

Logic is both struc­ture and process, a struc­tured process, self-struc­tur­ing, auto-construction.

So far we con­sid­er this page a stub, to be expand­ed as time per­mits, yet you should get the basic idea. Do chal­lenge us on it if you do not agree, we would be hap­py to get the dis­cus­sion started.